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Help your employees become better...

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Professional communication and presentation course to help your employees say more in less time.

Talk is cheap? Not anymore.

Talk isn't cheap. Employees who don't know how to communicate well are an invisible "hole" in your business costing you thousands - or even millions - of dollars in wasted time.

If your people are...

  • Reading PowerPoints
  • Constantly saying "ah, um, well, like, but, so..."
  • Talking WAY too long
  • Filling presentations with boring pie charts
  • Glazing over eyeballs and brains during meetings
  • Stuttering and stammering
  • Struggling to close deals in sales calls
  • Afraid to present new ideas

...then it's time to Get To The Damn Point.

TEDx level communication meets the brevity of a Newsroom

Get To The Damn Point: How To Say Less and Be Heard More

Empower Your Employees

Your employees will learn how to boldly share and discuss ideas clearly, concisely, and with confidence.

Increase Meeting ROI

Meetings don't have to make you wish you were anywhere but here. This course will turn your meetings into cash machines.

Equip Your Salespeople

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Teach a salesperson to become a master communicator and you boost your sales.

Disclaimer: I don't promise any magic pill, potion, button, breathing exercises, yoga, warm up, stretch, relaxation, visualization, meditation, virgin sacrifice or guru nonsense that is going to get rid of your nervousness. That's why wine was invented.

What I DO promise is teaching how to emotionally connect with people using the unique blend of advanced skills I have gained over my 25-year career in media, advertising, and filmmaking.


This sh*t works.

Lewis helped us take a pre-designed sales presentation and add stories and humor to really help drive conversions. The more Lewis shaped the material, the higher the conversion rates were - reaching an average 75%, the highest conversion rate in our company, nationwide.

Dr. Ash Javer - CEO

If you need to put some “pizazz” into your public speaking I can’t recommend any book, seminar or professional development course more than Lewis Chaney’s course. His strategies have improved my public speaking skills and taken my presentations from "boring" to “Bravo”!

Dr. Sally Sugg, EdD - School Superintendent

Meet Your Instructor

A Relational Communications Expert and TEDx Alumnus with over 25 years in TV broadcasting, advertising, and filmmaking, Lewis D. Chaney has mastered the art of getting to the damn point.

From meetings to client interactions to breakroom brainstorms, Lewis’s course teaches your team how to “GET TO THE DAMN POINT" - saving you time and making you money.

His "GET TO THE DAMN POINT" communication soft skills course is a deep dive into expert speaking and presentation techniques, virtual production, and media training.

Get the course today and equip your team with the little-known strategies media professionals use to
capture attention, tell great stories, and get people onboard with any mission or idea.

Lewis presents in a way that keeps your attention. His excitement draws you in and his wisdom can be applied to many situations. I learned more in a 5 minute presentation from him than I have in many other storytelling webinars combined.

Nicole Lowe
Community Services Coordinator

It couldn't be any easier.


Buy the Damn Course

You can purchase one license for yourself, or license your whole company or team. Your license gives you access to the course for one year.


Take the Damn Course

Say goodbye to half-day seminars drowning your profits. In just 20 minutes/day for 20 days, you will master the art of getting to the damn point.


Get To The Damn Point

Empower your employees with all the speaking skills they need to Say Less and Be Heard More - meaning more profit, and fewer headaches.

how Much Does It Cost?

When you're on your deathbed, will you wish you had more money or more time?

What an annoying question! Get more of both for just $1,995.

Small Business
Teams of 1 to 50



  • Up to 50 Users
  • 5+ Hours of Training
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Manage employee accounts in admin dashboard

Best Value

Not-So-Small Business
Teams of 51-100



  • Up to 100 Users
  • 5+ Hours of Training
  • Interactive Exercises
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Teams of 101-200



  • Up to 200 Users
  • 5+ Hours of Training
  • Interactive Exercises
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Teams of 201+



  • 201+ Users
  • 5+ Hours of Training
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Manage employee accounts in admin dashboard

The Course

Get To The Damn Point:
How To Say Less and Be Heard More

Module 1: Intro

Your employees are costing you HOW much each minute?? Discover the little-known “Time Buffet” and why it’s costing you thousands.

Module 2: The Power of Storytelling

Discover how to connect to your audience's 7 CORE EMOTIONS with powerful storytelling.

Module 3: The Power OF Words

Your words will become so powerful, your co-workers will have your quotes framed above their desks (probably).

Module 4: The Power of Images

What do a crime scene, an animal shelter, and a TV commercial have in common? Find out in Module 4.

Module 5: The Power of Humor

Tell better jokes by understanding blue language, how NOT to tell a joke, and "The Power of Threes." 

Module 6: Writing

Get WRITE to the damn point! Capture attention, master the KISS rule, & introduce a speech without putting everyone to sleep.

Module 7: Memorization Techniques

Turn your couch into a loaf of bread, stage a goldfish fight, and learn how to STOP reading your damn PowerPoints (and remember your grocery list).

Module 8: Speaker Training

Ah, um, well, you know, and so, like, I guess, um, and then, um...MAKE IT STOP!! Plus how to sound more interesting, fit into your time slot, and more.

Module 9: Rehearsal

Off your ass and on your feet! Learn how to use your hands, body, notes, and stage to give a memorable presentation.

Module 10: PowerPoint

Why you shouldn't use it, and how to maintain everyone's sanity if you have to. Plus tips and tricks to power up your slides right now.

Module 11: Media Attention

Discover how to leverage news media as a PR tool.  Become a pro interviewee, look great on camera, and make journalists love working with you.

Module 12: How This Applies To meetings

When everyone gets to the damn point, your meetings will be shorter, more productive, and less painful.

Join Now and get the BONUS Mini-Course:
"Virtual Speaking"

Zoom meetings don't have to make you want to throw your laptop out the window anymore.

Woman sitting at desk, having online call, talking to camera
Module 1: The Tech Side

Master the audio and video secrets media professionals use to look professional in virtual meetings - including lighting, props, mics, and cameras.

Module 2: the Engagement Side

Let's face it, virtual meetings can be downright awkward and just plain weird. Discover how to reach through the screen and grab people's attention with expert engagement techniques.

Do your meetings sound like this?

If so, it's time to train your team how to get to the damn point. You're wasting time, and losing money.

Taken from actual TV interview, 3:11 long. 36 seconds were wasted with these filler words. 
Had this been a 30-minute presentation, 6 MINUTES would have been lost to useless filler words.

FREE Guide: The Costly Business Problems No One Ever Notices (And How To Fix Them)

Let me be blunt, I friggin' HATE spam mail. So you won't have some 14 day drip campaign banging your inbox like a screen door, and you won't end up being a "mail monkey's banana"!



What's Inside:

  • Put your mouth where your money is!
  • Get to the damn point
  • here's my damn point: minutes count
  • Talk Ain't Cheap
  • 7/38/55 rule
  • Baby Diapers And Meetings
  • For Nonprofits
  • For Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Corporations
  • my discovery: The time Buffet ™
  • I wish i had a nickel...
  • You Won't die from public speaking... but your deal might
  • Are you Good In Bed?
  • The Next Generation of speakers
  • Fixing the Filler/Killer Words Problem
  • Another Tip: Punch Them in the nose
  • Saving Time, speaking, and storytelling
  • Get to the damn point: The online Course

Hey you! I have your wallet!

...and I'm chucking money out of it into a fire!

How long does it take you to take your wallet back and punch me? About half a second.

But if I want to waste your time, guess what you'll do? You'll just give it to me.

That's what's happening - in your meetings, your presentations, your conversations...

Poor communication soft skills are the enemy of productivity and progress.

Whether you're a team leader for a large organization, a nonprofit leader, or just a man or woman trying to become a great speaker, Get To The Damn Point WILL make you a better speaker.

When you learn to "Get To The Damn Point," people will finally listen to you the way you've always wanted:

They'll get onboard with your mission. They'll understand your side of the argument. They'll get excited about your ideas. They'll laugh when you want them to laugh, and cry when you want them to cry.  They will gain tranferable skills that will improve the culture and relatability of your team.

So get the course today so you can stop wasting people's time, get to the damn point, and finally change the damn world (or at least give a great presentation).

Yep, I can do communication consulting with you too.

  • Prepare for a keynote presentation
  • Power up your pitch decks and sales scripts
  • Train your salespeople